I am so pleased that you have popped by to read my blog. Well I say my blog, but it has morphed into something rather larger than I originally intended. Many of the educational posts contain padlets, with ideas from other educators as well as myself. There are also videos, links and all matter of musings. I hope you enjoy it – if you do then please comment and share it with others.

So, a bit about me – I am a teacher who is passionate about giving children the very best learning experiences that I can.  I have had a breadth of experience – from class teacher to school leader but am happiest when I am teaching children. I am currently a class teacher and a  Primary Evidence Lead Educator for a local research school. In June 2020, I was made a Fellow by the Chartered College of Teaching – an achievement that I am very proud of.

I believe strongly in equity for all and empowering others. We all have a voice but only by listening to each other and working together can we make a difference. I really do believe that together we can change the future for our children and the future generations. Due to believing in the power of collaboration, I created #TinyVoiceTalks on Twitter specifically for educators to find their voice and connect with others. This has now grown and alongside educators are authors, illustrators and others who impact on the children in our classrooms. If you haven’t found us yet, then just find my pinned tweet every Tuesday.

I love to write and began a blog in January 2020 – Teaching Others and Learning All the Time, many of the posts that I have written are now on this website too (under the blog page). I found writing a wonderful outlet and due to this, I  hosted blogging webinars to support others in starting their own educational blog. I am so pleased that there are so many wonderful educational blogs out there now!

I started a podcast in August 2020 ‘Tiny Voice Talks’ as another way to get smaller voices heard and have interviewed some wonderful people for the show. For all the episodes, go to my website toriabono.com. It is on Apple Podcasts and Spotify too! 

When I am not doing all of the above, you will find me out walking, watching great films with my husband or learning about the world from my teenage daughter!

I have tried to make my blog easy for you to navigate your way through with pages so that you can easily find what you are looking for…

I have supported other people in creating their own blogs and have links to those and many more on my blog page.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and remember to find me on Twitter @Toriaclaire

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Crumbs Toria! I hadn’t released quite how many amazing things you’ve written and been part of. You’re amazing!

    Keep going, your tiny voice is terrific and is inspiring other people too. X


  2. There’s so much here however long you’ve been teaching, and especially if you’re wanting inspirational ways to find your own voice. I hope this is seen by a wide audience. Thanks, Toria x


  3. A fabulous blog and so much to read and to understand that I always take some time on the weekend (currently at True Education Partnership).
    As a small voice I am now starting with a blog. I am so happy to know the inspiring founder of Tiny Voices, such a loving and encouraging help during the school closure. Thank you so much, Tora. 💚
    Hope to see you soon in the wideness of Edutwitter or in the blogosphere. 👋


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