I am a teacher who is passionate about giving children the very best learning experiences that I can.  Over the past twenty years my teaching has evolved as I have ensured that I have learnt as much as possible about my craft.

I have had many roles in the primary sector and have developed as an educator and a person with every role that I have had. I have had a breadth of experience – from class teacher to school leader but am happiest when I am teaching children. Nothing is as good as that moment when a child looks you in the eyes and says that they understand.

Twitter has opened my eyes to the power of social media in bringing teachers together to support and learn from one another. My blog is about my journey as an educationalist on Twitter, how I found my voice and how I am determined to help others to find theirs. I spoke ‘Finding Your Voice’ on Twitter recently (see the video below).

All my posts about Twitter and Tiny Voices are here – All posts about Tiny Voices!

My contributions to the #DailyWritingChallenge are here – #DailyWritingChallenge

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and remember to find me on Twitter @Toriaclaire

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